Friday, August 28, 2009

The Caledonia County Fair

Ok, so I figured that there is not snappy title that's going to make that sound any less cheesy than it is... and its true I live in a town that still has a hardcore, livestock showing, demo derby, truck pulling, fried dough selling, best lemonade and apple crisp in the planet county fair.
Now even though I am not a huge fan of the fair any more (like since I was about 15) my 10 year old thinks its the best thing since... well the best thing ever. So the man of the house and the little lady stepped out and enjoyed the fair on Thursday and came back smelling FANTASTIC. Even though I hate the dirtiness, stickiness and large crouds of rednecks, I love the smell of the race track after the truck pulls, the scent of all the really sugar loaded carbohydrate goodness they sell and honestly the smell of excitement in the air. I wish I could just have fair smell as an air freshner for my car, that beats new car smell any day!

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