Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPhone 4s

Alright I know I am a million years late in getting myself an iPhone, but I feel like I waited just enough time to get one of the best versions available.

I can't stop playing with it, I've spent an atrocious amount of time browsing the app store and downloading way too many apps just to turn around and decide I don't like them and delete them. It's like the past 10 years worth of Christmases all wrapped up into one really big awesome celebration. If I had a million dollars I would buy this exact same phone and then put the rest in savings. I love it that much.

Now, I need some help from all you amazing people out there:

1. Tell me your 2 favorite apps that I may not have found yet

2. What is your favorite accessory? and where do you get cool cases for a reasonable price?

3. What is the safest and most durable case you have found for a reasonable price?

I'm counting on you friends!


Suetopia said...

One of my favorite apps is a game called Cross Fingers. Challenging and fun. My case was given to me so I don't know how to find cheap ones but there should be an app for that.

kennady said...

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