Friday, August 21, 2009

OK Enough about me...

I know that you are all sick of hearing about my Etsy shop and all my crafty projects.. So today we're going to talk about the coolest Etsy shop I found the other day. I know that in the past I have shared very little bout me personally, it's been hard to keep up with this blog along with everything else and I am so used to keeping up the store blog that I get stuck in the business mode. So here's a little factoid you may not know. I LOVE MONKEYS. I love love love sock monkeys. I have sock monkeys everywhere, I have keychain sock monkeys, I have paper designed with sock monkeys, I have many stuffed monkeys and I like to play with them, often.
Now as a 30 year old mom of 2 I can safely say that Sock Monkey Theater is one of our favorite things to do, even if my friends think it's odd to play with stuffed animals. I don't care, I. Love. Monkeys.
On to the shopping, I was randomly checking my twitter the other day and what do I see but a post from some random person I don't know and don't follow about ZOMBIE SOCK MONKEYS. OH MY GOSH, seriously? could it be? could my love of sock monkeys and my recent obsession with killing zombies on Call of Duty World at War (love Der Reise!) really have melded perfectly by some chance of fate?


but, to my utter dismay there was only one, and it was sold to some lucky person who was not me. Knowing I had to ave that monkey or I may not be able to sleep for several nights I started messaging the seller on Etsy and I could not believe my luck when I got an almost instant response that there would be more zombies and she would let me know. 1 DAY LATER there they were, smiling back at me from my computer screen.

zsparkly's monkeys are absolutely the most beautiful handmade finds I have seen in a long time. She is soooo talented and sooooo fast! Here's a pic of the zombie monkey that is still in stock (last one if you want it HURRY), check out her shop here: and show the love!

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Well...he's just too "darned" cute. Get it??????? LOL