Monday, August 24, 2009

One is silver and the other's gold

So my best friend from high school and I got to chatting on Facebook the other day about, well everything and I realized that there are people in this world that you know in a certain way, and no matter how much you grow up or change you will always know those people in that way.
I have lost touch with alot of my high school friends and 'my girls' over the years and have started reconnecting over the past 5 years or so with many of them. All the while making new friends and growing up myself. It's been so cool to catch up with old friends and learn about their interests, their kids and jobs. Though I have lived through many of my newer friends milestones, somehow I feel like I've missed out on so many weddings, birthdays, children growing up and all the little things that have made these 'golden' friends the people they are today. I am so proud f all my friends for all their accomplishments and I truly hope that we can all keep connecting and growing together!

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