Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finding sanity again, and awesome pottery!

I am so glad that the move is finally over. There is still some unpacking and sorting to be done, and of course cleaning at the old place, but the big heavy stuff is done.
*Sigh of relief*
I have been trying to get things going in my crafty life lately, I have a ton of ideas bubbling over in my brain and NO TIME to do anything! I have my sewing machine all set up at the house waiting for me to thread it up and get crackin on Halloween costumes for the girls, can't wait!
I have a back up costume for the baby (Lili) in case (I don't get to it), a cute little monkey! My cousin's little girl just grew out of it so it'll be perfect in case I can't get the wildflower faerie costume done in time...

I have written about other Etsy sellers in the past and I just can't get over the most beautiful shop I found the other day MUDstuffing. I was literally breathless when I started clicking around at all the yummy pottery, and the designs are so fresh, who would have thought of a ceramic gumball machine? COOL!
Anyway, check out khphillips' shop as soon as you get a chance you will be pleasantly surprised, perfect stuff for gifts, I'm saving up for Christmas shopping here!

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Hope to get some awesome photos of my new stuff soon...

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