Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crap or get off the Pot

So, I have been struggling for a long time with being totally committed to this blog. I lOVE to tweet, I have a love hate relationship with Facebook (love the people/hate feeling obligated to play games), but the blog was just something I started because everyone else had one.
Lately I have stopped watching TV because there is NOTHING on, which gives me more free time to read, create, and blog. So It's time I either committed to writing this and really caring about it or stopped altogether. I only have 7 followers (thank you guys) but I have decided to GET MORE! I'm going to go for it! SO starting today I am making a few promises to the blogosphere and anyone out there who wants to hear about my crazy life, my insane kids, my wonderful family and all teh weirdo things about me I'm not ashamed to tell the world.
1. I promise to update at least once a week, more if I can
2. I promise to start sharing my scrapbooks and other awesome creations (toot own horn here)
3. I will always be honest, even if it's hard, this is also to help me remember my life when I am old and grey and want to tell my children everything about me.
and finally I promise to follow all those who follow me and give feedback.

So for all those of you out there who find this and me please leave a comment, email me or send advise. I want to get a fun banner, turn this page into something awesome that I love to look back on. I want to post more pictures and link to all my awesome blogs I read (there are some way cool people in the world).

I guess that means I'm gonna crap. wait... that didn't sound right :)

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pursehappygal said...

I know what you mean regarding blogging.I can get so far behind. Or ahead...I had to make up a blog superfast on Blogger because I'm the one on the message board who had the Wordpress blog!
I think it's great that you commited yourself to at least once a week. With a busy life with family and things, I'm sure that will be more than enough.