Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally Friday

What a frag nade kind a week. Every single day flew by as if I was on autopilot the whole time.

A few stats from the week:

...Drank over 12 pots of coffee in 7 days
...Drove about 100 miles
...Walked downtown in below 0 weather twice with 2 kids
...Paid 35 dollars to get my car fixed
...Paid 80 for gas
...Paid 10 dollars for coffee and hot chocolate for me and Autumn
...Watched(with kids) iCarly x 4, Spongebob x 3, Wizards of Waverly Place x 3 and Phineus and Ferb x 23
...Watched Cinderells x 1, Wolverine x 1 and Ben Button x 1 (without kids)
...Bought a new wallet, lots of gum, PJ's for Lili, a cool shirt that says "Dad is Rad" for Lili, valentines stuff, and 4 biscotti
... "spoke" with Elmo for an hour on his cell phone
Last but not least I stopped twice on the way to work this week to let wild turkeys get out of the road, and went to the post office EVERY DAY to mail packages in the morning.

Wow, and thats not even the half of it... Happy Weekend all!


Marybeth said...

Funny! I think I drank 12 pots of coffee too... Have a great weekend!

LadyMissSusan said...

Hey girl. I'm a bit late in telling you THANK YOU SO MUCH for my happy mail!!! I got it a week ago and I was needing that zip drive like something fierce. Thanks for being my Happy Mail partner!!!

Meep said...

I was so excited to see you post it on your blog... I LOVE YOUR BLOG!