Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sorry Girls He's Taken

I love this man. I love that he hates having his picture taken. I love that he plays video games. I love that he stays home and takes care of our kids as the best stay at home dad ever. I love that he enjoys cooking (because I hate it and I suck at it). I love that he thinks aviators are hot (and I agree!). I love that he supports my scrapbooking addiction. I love that he invites me to play video games with him even though I am not the greatest, and doesn't take it easy on me because I'm a girl. I love that he has pretty blue eyes and rock star hair. I love that he plays mens league softball and all the guys are jealous because he is SO GOOD. I love that all the softball girlfriends are jealous because he's mine and he's hot! I love that he walks me around the house at night because I don't like the dark. I love that he tucks me in every night. I love that he texts me love notes all day while I am at work. I also love when he texts me love notes when I am in the same room as he is.

This is my cowboy and I love him.

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