Sunday, June 20, 2010

Potty Training

Playing around with the poladroid, got some great changes to my photos, can't wait to start doing the wedding reception photos!

So my little lady Lili has begun the painful process of potty training. We are employing the "walk around naked and put a portable baby potty in every room" technique. Luckily it's summer so being naked is actually a plus, keeps away diaper rash, chafing and with no aor conditioning she's much more comfortable anyway. We did buys some totally cute undies and plastic pants to go over them (course whats the point of the cute undies if they are under plastic pants right?). I dont think she's quite ready for tehm yet, but soon. We had our first successful pee session last night and it was kinds exciting!

What is everyone doing for summer? I will be (gah) working as usual. The kids are doing swim lessons, and my oldest, Autumn, will be doing her second year at sleepaway camp in late July. She is uberexcited, while I am still a little skeptical about having her gone a whole week, I will miss her!

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