Friday, October 22, 2010

Hurray for Friday on Thursday! We have a busy, busy day tomorrow so I took the day off work. Long weekends are the best. Autumn has planned a Halloween party for tomorrow night, although she invited more than 20 people I think the busy season combined with ALMOST snow weather has dwindled the brave partiers down to manageable number (hopefully around 10). In preparation for this grand event we have done a lot of planning, but the bulk of the work will be done tomorrow. Here's the schedule right now (subject to change at any second):

Wake up around 7ish

Go to get coffee

Pick up the pop tent (10 x 10 tent we are borrowing for the event)

Pick up mexicorn and hamburger for the chili

go home and start the chili in the crock pot

set up tent

*go to Dr office for both kid's flu shots at 11 sharp!

Go home, pick up more coffee

Nap for Lili

Autumn out to decorate the yard, set up the luminaries and other spooky things

Decorate these puppies:
Those are the beginnings of Cake Pops if you couldn't tell. Yes it's after midnight, yes I am the crazy mom who bakes cake after her kids go to sleep at 10 pm and then wait for it to cool so I can create a ton of cake balls because they have to refrigerate for the night before they can be decorated. I know, it's nuts, especially when the schedule starts at 7... but someday, when my kids are 30ish they may actually appreciate all the hard work I put into making everything awesome for their special days.
After the cake balls are decorated (yes I will remember to take pictures for you :) the day is pretty much open, maybe I will take a nap too! I LOVE naps. I do have to check my work email and I have a few swaps to get out, check the snail mail and of course laundry, dishes and grocery shopping, but I can usually get all that into about an hour if I'm careful.
I got this beauty from Autumn today, I love pottery, and I love it when she gets to make things that we can actually use. This little bud vase she made is so cute and the colors and textures make me think of the sea. Perfect in the gloom of winter, which is quick approaching. There was snow on the hill at work today and I have a feeling we will be getting it in the valley any day. Hurray for skiing, snowboarding, snowmen and ice skating! Poo to shoveling the driveway :(

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