Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Party Pics

Finished cake pops on display with the crock pot of the most delicious chili I have made in a long time. I LOVE my new crock pot. I have never owned one and now that I do cooking around this house will never be the same. I already have plans for stew this week and many homemade soups and things as it gets colder. Comfort food, mmmmmmmm.

Autumn making the cupcake toppers to match the glass jars we decorated above. This is her 1st set of toppers all by herself! She even used her own paper and supplies.

Her cutie toppers on the cupcakes she and her friends decorated, so adorable... and they were delicious too!

Broomstick bread sticks to dunk in the chili and mini mummy dogs, the kids added mustard eyes after this photo was taken, they were scrumptious and totally cute.

I love this picture when Autumn got her hand stuck in the pumpkin they were carving for the contest. I thought I was going to have to cut her out! Her costume isn't really visible here, I will post pics of all the costumes after Halloween...

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