Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Stamp Carving

I am a little bit hooked on carving stamps... I might be developing an problem. Honestly, I am so in love with the stamp I just carved I am literally smiling ear to ear and a little giddy. Here is the masterpiece:

Also I got a comment on my first handcarved awesomeness down below that the seahorse should be brought to life, so here she is all swimmy and blue and fun:

I need to get some bigger erasers, or some other medium to carve with I think because my brain is going a mile a minute trying to cram all the cool ideas I have in there! I think I will go sketch 'em out so I can think again before work tomorrow :) Also I started editing the photos from the Halloween party so get ready for some fun!

PS I would just like to warn everyone reading that my camera sucks and I am almost always taking pictures at night after the kids are in bed, so I try to pretty them up as much as I can before posting, but they still sometimes look a little ho hum.. sorry, if anyone wants to buy me a Canon Rebel as a RAK I will take it no questions asked :) (hee hee)

1 comment:

Riechan said...

Oooh love the controller one too ^^ The seahorse came out really cute! I might have to start carving again! :D