Monday, November 29, 2010

Crafty Weekend & Thankful Thoughts...

Happy late Thanksgiving Everyone! It was such a busy, busy week! I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving dinners, I had such a great time with my family. The kids were mildly behaved and we had such yummy foods.
After a fun Thursday I got all geared up for Black Friday Shopping, alas there was an ice storm so I didn't get to go out until late in the day. It was a bust, I didn't find much. The good thing is that I did get supplies for the handmade gifts I am making and those are the best gifts anyway.
Autumn and I made these totally cute note pads on Saturday and a TON of cards. My mom and Autumn made a set of advent calendar cards (24 individual cards to send) for my cousin. Such a cute idea but a ton of postage. Anyway, thats my fast post and I will put up some more project pics soon :)

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