Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Few Days...

Wow, has it been a whirlwind of a few days! Let's start back at the beginning...
Anyone paying attention to my twitter on Monday Nov 8 between 11pm and midnight knew that I was at the midnight release party at the Gamestop in Littleton, NH for Call of Duty Black Ops. It was FREEZING cold, and the line was very long. Finally at 12:17 I walked out of there with 4 copies of the game. My Prestige Edition, the hubby's Hardened Edition and 2 regular copies for my brother and friend Tadd. The drive home from Littleton is about half an hour but well worth it to be one of the first on the east coast to play. Our friend and teammate Craig lives in Scotland so he had been playing for hours before we even got ours, but its good to have a man on the inside for something like this because getting used to the maps is always the first challenge. Our first game ranked us in the top 1800 in the planet for high score (granted we are no longer in that spot now, it was still a good feeling while it lasted). That's us up there on the leader boards for the newest zombie map Kino Der Toten: Jeff (my husband) = ICEDBYME, of course he has the best score, Craig = HighlandxWarGod, and I'm down there at the bottom Kiwivandal is my gamertag.
I took a week off work to play and we had a ton of fun not sleeping and playing and eating junk food. That Friday my 2 year old Lili developed a fever, that is when the crazies hit our house.
Things started to get strange, she couldn't move her neck, she had a fever, her voice changed. I thought it was bronchitis at first, then on Saturday afternoon she stopped eating and started sleeping. That's when I knew something was wrong. Off to the hospital we went, from then on we didn't leave the hospital until Tuesday morning. So much going on, I was in a fog of doctors and nurses and family and phone calls, and in my sleep deprived stupor I managed to lose a few days I think. Long story short we are all home and she is taking antibiotics and hopefully will be back to normal in a week or 2.
I'm exhausted.

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