Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Annihilation of Snow

There is snow out there today. A LOT of fast falling snow. I entered the battle at 8:00 this morning, 3 short bouts of shoveling later it was still falling fast and I was failing fast. After a lovely breakfast of corned beef hash and scrambled eggs, I was ready to continue the fight!

Armed with my canary yellow parka, sunglasses, monkey hat and this bad boy:
I began in the middle (divide and conquer!) and worked my way down the driveway... just as I was nearing the end the flakes started to thin. I was wearing those clouds down! The plow truck came through and mounded the ice and snow hunks at the end of the drive (curse him!), a minor set back...
Front of driveway clear! YES!! and there was MUCH REJOICING.
Back of driveway clear! YES!! and there was MUCH REJOICING!!
Oh sweet, sweet victory :)
Dear Mother Nature,
Better luck next time.
Your Friend,

1 comment:

Suetopia said...

Dear Siobhan,

I vow revenge. Next time I will rain spiders on you!

Your friend,
Mother Nature