Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I don't intentionally go about my day trying to discover things, but from time to time as I am stumbling over children, and dogs I find them. Little things that make the chaos swirl into the fuzzy background. Little things that become a clear focal point of the chaos around me. The problem with finding these tiny glimpses of sanity is that they are often too soon lost. Dissolving to the ether like so much sand in the ocean. Why today? This morning I found myself on Facebook, looking for my notes (which in the 'new profile' have apparently gone missing) and instead I found myself looking at some of my friends pages a little closer than usual. I found poetry, love letters, and shopping lists. I found horizons, gardens and rock bands. I found a whole new side to some of them I didn't know existed, things you can't know from a news feed. Things you can't experience from behind the computer screen. Things I don't want to miss. Things I have done and not shared, things I have lived and not noticed. So what am I going to do about it? I don't know. I would promise you all that I will explore old friends anew, I would promise to write more profoundly, but I think you and I both know those might be empty promises. So I guess as usual I will do my best, to be a good Mommy, Friend and Wife and let everything else work itself out.

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