Saturday, January 8, 2011

Industrious Youngsters...

Autumn was putting on the final touches for her table at the Winter Market last night and of course her sister had to be in the middle of everything :) She was a good sport and decided to let her help, they are so cute when they are working together!

Autumn's table set up this morning, she decided that since her business name is 'Cupcake Fool Crafts' she would set her table up like a cupcake bakery! It came out so awesome with the banner hanging out front (it reads 'Cupcake Fool Crafts'), all the cupcake tins and baking items.

She even brought her pig timer! I love that little egg timer I have one too :)
All her extra's will be posted up in her section on my Etsy shop by tomorrow night if you see anything you like. All the proceeds from her sale, minus the listing fee of .20 goes directly to Autumn. So far she has bought more paper to put back into making things, a lipgloss, a package of highlighters for school, an *iTouch and she is saving the rest for 'something cool'.

*This is actually why she started doing craft fairs at all! My Darling Husband told Autumn that if she made enough money to pay for 1/2 the iTouch we would buy her the rest.... well he didn't actually think she would come up with the cash, but she did so... 'in your face dad!'


Cpt Pownzor said...

nice display very crafty

Meep said...

Thanks! She set it up all by herself, My mom actually took her this time because my hubby was working and I was with teh two year old. I stopped by just long enough to snap these shots before hauling my bundle of fury off to the grocery store :)