Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Lili and I walking downtown, she loves to put her snowpants on, and once they are on it's a challenge to get her out of them, I'm not quite sure what the appeal is, but she thinks they are great. Wish the 11 YO would take note!

I knew it was a good idea to bring that sled! It didn't take long for Lili's little legs to get tired and she loves to ride :)

When we finally made it home after 2 times around the block (once with the dog and once with just us), Lili insisted on helping with the snow removal, that shovel must weigh as much as her!

I need it to be noted that we OWN A SNOWBLOWER. Early this morning I went out to try to get it going to make the snow removal much easier, the directions are in german. So I go inside and ask the men of the house to tell me how to use it (Grampa and Jeff are both sick and were throwing up all night). You know what they said? "Oh, you can't handle that thing it will pull you down the driveway". Huh. Really?! So I spent 4 hours clearing snow by hand, and got it done. POOP ON YOU BOYS! Who needs a snowblower anyway :)

I love living in a small town. I love knowing someone everywhere I go. I love that the people at the grocery store ask me how my kids are. I love that when we get a storm (even a small one like this recent 7 inches) there is a buzz around town. The quiet night before the storm, when everyone is hunkered down with hot cocoa and cookies is great, but come morning this town comes alive. Neighbors helping neighbors, shoveling and snowblowing. Chatting and hanging out in the streets. I took Lili out for a walk today and saw so much hometown love it was beautiful. Not just because the snow was sparkling, but because as we walked all around this small town there were strangers helping strangers, there were smiles and waves. Good Mornings from everyone as they dug out. The roads were busy, but everyone was stopping to let others go. There is something about a snowstorm that always brings out the best in these folks and I love that.
Once again Mother Nature tried to beat me in the battle of the driveway and once again I prevailed! 7 inches of snow on our driveway apparently takes about 4 hours to remove. My arms felt like Jello when I was done but it was so nice to see it done! I took a long, much earned nap after that then when to play at a friends house. It was a great day all around!


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

What a fun post! Sorry to hear that your fellas are sick, but YAY for you showing them with all that shoveling. Reminds me of home (Ontario) where I used to do a lot of shoveling... and the cool feeling in your lungs mixed with the warm exhilaration of hard work done oh so well. ahhhh.... :o)

Meep said...

its been terrible with everyone sick but me, I swear the boys are bigger babies than the baby!