Saturday, January 22, 2011


All the pretty Valentines day cards I had down at A Daisy Daze SOLD OUT! Yay! SO I am working this weekend to fill 'em back up because there is a long way 'till Valentines and people have been asking.

Find A Daisy Daze Here:

On Facebook: A Daisy Daze
Order Online: A Daisy Daze

I hate that there is a fuzzy unfocusedness to this photo but I think you get the point. There will be 2 of each card I make this time around instead of just one. I will post one on my Etsy shop and have one in the store, that way you online shoppers will have a chance to grab the goodies that all the locals do, Your welcome :)

New arrival in the sock monkey family! I think I will name him Zeb, he is totally cute and I love him :) thanks MOM!!!!!

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