Sunday, March 13, 2011

Impatient Crafting #1 - Quickie Quilt/Blanket

I got busy on Autumn's blanket today. I had already sewn the stripes for the top. Today was just getting the "sandwich" complete. Now traditionally when making a quilt it takes many steps. You normally add the top to the batting with basting stitches and then add the back and there is hours of quilting the two together, but I am an impatient crafter. Through this whole process there was no measuring. I cut the strips freehand and then sewed them together with no pinning so the top was a little wonky at first. I pinned the sandwich together (back, batting, top) right sides out, there is no need for turning.

At first I was going to be totally lazy and sew it in 3 stripes long ways, then after I put the first stripe of stitching down I realized that it was not going to work that way. It was bunchy and there was no guide to make the line straight. So, with some help of my mother we pulled out the whole line of stitching and started over. I stitched down one side and then flipped it and stitched down every other seam on along the stripes instead. It worked like a charm.

These fabrics were $1.00 USD a yard at Wal-Mart. I love their "fabric of the month" program in the craft section. Each month they have a quilt and all the corresponding fabrics as a special. The NEXT month those fabrics are always put on clearance, the month after that they are put on the $1.00 rack. This was February's fabric choices. I admit the patterns make your eyes go a little goo goo, but after it was all finished it was very girly and fun.
I have made 5 quilts now, 3 were traditional and took forever, the other 2 were impatient quilts like this one. The one thing about quilting that I love is that when you are all finished they are so pretty and it's something that will last forever (hopefully). I especially liked the look on Autumn's face when she snuggled into it tonight.

The whole house has come down with a nasty creeping crud cough. The kids are all propped up with vicks and tissues by the bed and I am off to make some green tea with honey to hopefully soothe my sore throat. hope you are all well!


Lisa Jane said...

wow its beautiful
Lisa x

Meep said...

thanks! Its a wonky shape but she loves it, and it only took 8 hours total craft time :)