Friday, April 29, 2011

Four Heart Friday: Give Momma Some LOVE!

(it's 5:45am)

"hmmmm, wha.."
(Im not actually awake because it's SATURDAY)

(aka the 12 YO is sitting within 4 feet of the 2YO)

This is about the time I remember that I have kids, and of course they are awake because somewhere around this giant spinning ball the sun is up and people are going about their day. Of course most of those people live clear accross an ocean, but thats the way us mommies roll.

If you are a mommy, mom, mother whatever you know your payback is coming! Next week is Mother's Day and there may be just enough time to score some of these fantastic gifts for your momma (or me if you are feeling generous).

ShopGibberish's geektastic cards make me smile :)

downstairsDesigns makes me want a Kindle even more (as if that was possible).

bayanhippo feeds my purse-lust, and I think I might be falling in love with teal.

Little Miss Momma, not only is she an AMAZING momma herself, she is talented as a crafter, and an amazing blogger!

Alright my lovelies! It's your turn, show me your fave's mom related or not whats turnin your crank shaft this week?

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