Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm Back!

Hello my People!
It was a rough week last week. I'm not even going to complain about our weather, our baby tornado, hail and flooding was NOTHING compared to other places in the country. It was inconvenient, but not life changing.

Enough about that, lets move on to more pleasant things.

This week I:
- Made a pretty summer skirt for 12 YO
- Drove a new way to work that was MUCH prettier
- Cleaned up the yard
- Made a baby gift for 2 baby showers
- Made A LOT of lists, there is so much to do before the kids are out of school, and what the heck are they going to do all summer?
- Tried UNsuccessfully to potty train the 2 YO
- spilled coffee on my favorite white tank top
- Shrunk my favorite grey cardigan (it was a bad week for laundry)
- Drank 37 cups of coffee
- Turned 32 (oh yeah, it was my birthday on Monday)
- Got a PIVI for my birthday! I cannot wait to start using that puppy!

mine doesn't have the cute kitty on it, but it is pink

and what else? I guess now that I have full Internet back and our yard and town is all cleaned up things will be back to normal around here. I have some tutorials on the baby gifts I made, pics of the cutie skirt and some fun birthday shots too. As soon as I get done editing I will share.

Off to make lunch for the kiddos, and get crackin on the photos (editing is NOT my favorite chore, but since I have a crappy camera it is a necessity).

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