Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ok, Moms and Dads out there, I am frazzled on the potty training thing.

See that post down there? (scroll a little, yep there, the one about my baby turning 3?).

Shouldn't this have happened by now? Shouldn't we be buying pretty Dora undies already? It has been a LONG time since I potty trained someone (10 years or so) and I honestly don't remember it being this hard. We have been going at it for WEEKS, trying everything we can. I have read countless mom posts about the subject, tried treats, toys, bribes, undies and rubber pants, pull ups, potties all over the house (seriously there is a baby potty in our freaking kitchen people).


You would think at 3 years old you would WANT to get on the potty. Who wants to have a yucky diaper? Even if it's only for a minute or two, you would think it would feel gross on your bum. BUT NO, not only has my precious child NOT gotten the hang of the potty but she HATES having her diaper changed. She cries and says "don't change me!" What is that about? Of course I change her, kicking and screaming the whole way, you'd think it was the end of the world over here (my neighbors probably think I'm killing her).

So friends, what's a girl to do?
I can't take it much longer.
I may go insane.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if it'll help, but I posted about my potty time experiences a while ago -

I don't know how old your daughter is but personally, I don't think she's quite ready yet. I would consider backing off completely and giving her lots of attention in other ways until she's out of this defiant phase. My first two kids went through exactly the same thing and I wish someone had given me this advice - went through well over a year of HELL with each kid. When they were ready, they were ready, but they were psychologically ready far later than they were physically ready. And far later than I thought they were.