Sunday, June 19, 2011

A pretty table

"What are you doing"

"Setting the table"

"Why? It's a picnic? What do you need a tablecloth for?"

"Because it's pretty... every meal should have a little pretty"

I am always amazed at all the really cute outdoor meals I see on my favorite blogs during the summer. I love eating outside when its nice. Just as the sun is dipping down and the warm breeze kicks up. Perfect. The problem is that I don't actually have an outdoor decorations, I don't think it turned out to bad, fun and pretty.

I love these pretty glasses, so cute!

Lili insisted on busting out the Dora plates for our "party"

I love watching my family from afar, at a quiet distance

My cousin came to visit and cooked up the delicious garlic burgers

even Gram got a Dora plate :)

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