Monday, July 11, 2011

We made it out alive

After 4 hours of cleaning, both Autumn and I were tired, hot, and hungry, but we managed to turn that tween-tornado-ravaged-room into this:
I'm not sure why there is electrical tape on the wall back there, or why that TL poster has a kiss mark on the cheek, recognize the blanket? That was my impatient crafting project a few weeks back, I love it.

Even though she wasn't into it when we started, she was pretty darn proud of herself when she was done :)
As you can see she still has too much stuff for her mid-sized room, so organization is almost impossible. I hope all you moms out there have suggestions about that because I've pretty much gotten rid of everything I can at this point. This kid has more collections than a small museum, and I hate to have her lose them all. I was thinking about a rotating display maybe. Since she only has 2 shelves she could keep her nutcracker collection (the biggest of her collections) in storage until winter. Rotating that with the horse collection for the summer months... I don't know. Sometimes I just wish we all had a bit less stuff.

We did get this out of the room:

Yes ladies and gentlemen that IS an entire 30 gallon garbage bag FULL, of actual garbage. In addition we got
3 bags of clothes to donate
2 cups
1 plate
2 tupperware containers
1 fork
1 tablecloth (don't ask me how that got there or what it was for it's still a mystery)
4 pairs of shoes to donate
18 books to donate
and a partridge in a pear tree.

I would call it a success. Next on the list is mom's room and the craft space. Sooner than I would like we will be going school shopping and start the back to school routine, get together our teacher welcome gifts and get the yearly doctors visits done (our middle school requires weird vaccinations and physicals every year).

Do you guys do spring cleaning or before school cleaning? What kinds of routines do you like to get into for the school year?

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