Saturday, August 13, 2011

What are you reading? I need some backup Moms!

"What are you reading?" the Hubbs asks innocently.
(oh here we go, I roll my eyes and flip up the book in my hands so he can get a good look at the cover)
"Isn't that the book Autumn just finished?, You're reading kids books now?" Hubbs rolls his eyes and starts making silly remarks under his breath about YA books.

I am not ashamed to admit I like YA book series'. I have always enjoyed mysteries, science fiction and fantasy books, no matter what the spine says. The Hubbs however feels that it is inappropriate (and the 12 year old of the house was a little miffed that I finished the series before her). What are your thoughts moms (and dads) of the blogosphere?

I know I am NOT the only mom out there (and mind you I am not exactly ancient, I'm only 32, oh wait, I guess in teen years I am ancient) who reads YA, and enjoys them. Look at all the Harry Potter fans, a lot of them were moms (and a little crazy at that). Where do you stand friends? Are you ON the YA train or OFF?

The Mortal Instruments, I am looking forward to CC's Infernal Devices which I have not started yet...
The Darkest Powers series, I really thought this was a unique storyline

The Iron Fey Series (below), this is the aforementioned 'offending series', I am actually a little cranky about it, because as with all good series of books, I am at the precipice in the story and darn it the next book doesn't come out until October!

What are you reading right now? Any suggestions for other series?


Nan said...

Hello there!

I just happened upon your blog and thought I'd comment on the YA book dilemma. I taught middle school for many years, so I'm familiar with a lot of the YA title/series. Maybe because I spent my days surrounded by YA books, when it comes to my personal reading choices, I want to read adult books. I think it's important for parents (especially parents of young adults!) to know what their kids are reading. What better way to find out what they are reading than to read their books yourself - especially because so many YA books cover some very inappropriate subject matter. Or should I say, they cover some subject matter very inappropriately?!? I have found that sometimes when a teen "constantly has their nose in a certain book series" - there's a reason - and it's not always a good one.

So - enough said. Personally, while every once in a while it's fun to read a teen book - I like to really challenge myself when I spend time with a book. Besides - it's a good way to be a role model for the younger set! -Nan

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

Thanks! As the parent of a 12 year old I totally agree! Most of the stuff she reads I don't need to check out (see Diary of a Whimpy Kid and the like), but when she started (at 10) to ask about Twilight I said NO until I read them, and I'm glad I did, Breaking Dawn should not be read by 5th graders, glad I read them first!

Suetopia said...

As a mom (yours) and a avid reader, I guess I have a different point of view. As the parent of a child who was reading Mary Shelley's Frakenstein at age 8, I think that if the child is old enough to comprehend the subject matter, reading about controversial subjects can open good conversations. i realize not everyone will agree. i'm glad that my granddaugther loves to read and that she respects her parents wishes to keep her nose out of the books that you two don't want her to read until you think she is ready.