Saturday, August 20, 2011

The key to happiness is cereal that makes your milk turn colors.

True Story...

If you want to be happy all the time, stay in your PJ's all day and watch cartoons.

Let me elaborate...
I am not attractive in the morning, on the couch in my PJ's, so I will spare you that. Instead here is a totally unrelated picture of my daughter catching her own face in a bug net. You're welcome.
A few weeks ago my eldest daughter spent the night at my mother's house. My youngest decided to not go to sleep all freaking night, because her Sissy wasn't there. We sang lullabies, I rubbed her back, we drank milk, Hubbs and I took turns reading stories (sometimes I am a bit too animated at story time and it just keeps people up longer), we tried everything. Finally around 2:30 we gave up and let her watch a movie, hoping she would fall asleep. Around 4:00 she finally did.
The next morning I woke up around 9 and shuffled downstairs in my PJ's and slippers to make coffee.
*as a side note I adore the single serve coffee maker. Whoever invented this glorious machine that can whip out a perfect cup of coffee in less that a minute deserves a freaking Nobel Peace Prize.
For real yo, it's the best. invention. ever.
The house was so quiet, so peaceful.

I padded into the living room with my lovely coffee and a bowl of cereal and plopped onto the couch. Flipping through the channels I realized that there were actual cartoons on. Stupid one's that made no sense, just like when I was a kid. I sipped my coffee, ate my cereal, drank the flavored milk in the bottom and curled up to drift on the couch. That delightful little place between awake and sleeping that happens when you are curled up, cuddling your couch pillows can take HOURS to properly appreciate. I was determined to waste just about as much time as I could possibly manage, doing a whole crapload of nothing.
It was glorious, the sleepy perma-grin of laziness was firmly plastered on my face until well after noon, as I drifted into a cartoon/cereal-milk coma.

It was then that I decided that to be truly happy at all times, you must sit in your PJ's all day, watching cartoons, slipping in and out of consciousness, just doing nothing at all.
Most morning's look like this, both kids in moms bed sleeping (12 YO happens to have a bag of melted ice on her arm from her latest sunburn) why the heck are they using all those covers? It's still almost 60 degrees at night... CRAZY. And YES the 3 YO is always upside down in the morning no matter what bed she is in.
I'm sure I could have saved myself a whole lot of stressful times had I just gone back in time and listened to 14 year old me when I told my mom how freaking rad it was to just chill on the couch, rather than cleaning my room on Sat. morning. I was a total genius and didn't even know it. ( we are definitely moving cleaning day to Sunday).

PS. I am writing this on Friday and totally auto-posting for Saturday morning.

PPS. Right about now I bet I am curled up on the couch with apple jacks and coffee. Even my kids are jealous right now, because they have to eat shredded mini wheat. hee hee.

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cookievf said...

love your pics and your writing style!! "cartoon/cereal/milk coma" "determined to waste just about as much time as I could possibly manage, doing a whole crapload of nothing."

omg. so cute :D

my favorite kind of sat/sun morning
- vicki xo