Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Operation: Back to School // Free Backpack Tag Printables

While my 12 year old is WAY too old for backpack tags (believe me she let's me know on a daily basis all the things she is too old for now), your youngsters may still need some cool backpack tags.

Our elementary school has always given the little one's (K-4) special tags each year, usually in the shape of a bus or an apple, to remind them what bus they need to take home. After a while they stay in the classroom and become little decorations on their desks. It's VERY helpful for forgetful kids who are prone to be excitable while waiting for the bus with lots of their friends.

Here are 2 fun printables for you, a Bus Reminder Backpack Tag and a Lost My Backpack Return To tag. You can find all my free printables (in .jpg format so you can fiddle with them anyway you like) in my Google Photo album: Free Printables: HERE

I suggest downloading the images, print on heavy cardstock, fill out information, punch a hole on the left side, tie to backpack with anything. If you want it to last all year try laminating or if you don't have a laminator use clear packing tape which works just as well.


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