Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Operation: Get Organized // Meal Planning

Have I ever mentioned how BAD a cook I am?
I must have, I can't imagine I would have left out that juicy tid-bit of information.
I have successfully cooked MANY boxes of mac and cheese and any other 1/2 packaged food. I am the MASTER of exactly 2 meals Chili and Lasagna (both of which my kids hate by the way). Thankfully I married a man who knows his stuff. I never really had it in me to learn, not for lack of trying on my Aunt and Mother's part (they are great cooks too).

Meal planning and grocery shopping has always alluded me, mostly because I get stuck for ideas after 2 days on the calendar. I actually used to take the old school lunch calendars and rework them for dinners (I know, SHAMEFUL).

So, along with making a meal plan, and corresponding grocery lists I have made a deal with the kids to try 1 NEW meal each week for the next 2 months. I promised to FOLLOW a recipe and actually cook, and they promised to try a minimum of 2 bites.

These are some hefty promises, I assure you, neither will be easy.

I have a 2 part plan, I found this awesome FREE printable meal planner via 733blog. Kim is a genius, and I figured why mess with that? Visit her HERE and give props for this beauty. You can click on the link on her blog to download and print this for yourself (there is also a matching recipe book).

The second part of my plan is BigOven.com (also they have an iPhone, iTouch and iPad app).

This site is AMAZING. If you have a device that supports the app, I HIGHLY recommend it, especially if you can use it in your grocery store. I unfortunately do not have an 'i' device so I use it from home, but it is just as effective. Search, or let the kids, for a recipe you like and it AUTOMATICALLY starts your shopping list for everything you need to make it! You simply uncheck the items you already have and presto, shopping list done. You can plan entire weeks worth of meals, sort them, create the shopping list and then print it out (or if you are using the app, you can check them off as you put them in your cart).


Kell said...

Ooh, good luck! I'm not the best cook either, but practice makes perfect! (Or decent!)

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

I am hoping that if I start out slow trying easier things I can work up to Thanksgiving Dinner (2014), lol! Thanks for the encouragement!

rebecca said...

ok, I need to do a mean planny thing. i buy the same thing at the store every week. boring.

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

@ Rebecca, I hear ya! The kids are stuck in a rut at my house, anything new is always met with "I don't like that" even if they haven't tried it, we are starting slow, but are going to try to get some new foods in this place!