Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm obsessing over my new long nails

I have never been the kind of girl to wear makeup, I do my hair the same way almost everyday, and I don't particularly like wearing dresses (although I love dresses in theory, they just don't flatter me very well).

Lately though I have been obsessing over doing my nails.
I love all the pretty polish possibilities.
I think it was definitely Pinterest that turned me on to doing them all fancy. There are soooooo many pretty styles that I have found I want to try. I freaking love Pinterest, if you want to check out all my boards and other fun nail art I have been collecting click my link in the sidebar.

I have been playing with glitter:

I'm still trying to figure out how to take a good picture of nails, it's really hard to do it one handed, but usually its late at night so I don't have a good helper.

I want to try this out in a green and white color combo (green is my all time fave color), just to clarify these are NOT my nails, also I find this photo a little disturbing due to the fact that they clearly photoshopped out the natural knuckle wrinkles. That's just weird.

If I was a teacher I would absolutely be rocking one of these...also, not my nails...

What is your favorite nail trend? Do you do your own or like to go to the salon?

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