Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ultimate Friend To Do List

I don't watch a whole lot of TV, I'm a Netflix junkie but I only really get to catch actual TV shows once a week (I am WAY too addicted to Bones). I had a rare channel flipping session last week, while waiting for the season premier of Bones, when I caught part of a documentary on women in TV history.

I actually have no idea what most of it was about, but the writer (or producer, not exactly sure) of Gray's Anatomy said something that I have been thinking about for days. She said that Gray's anatomy is a love story between Christina and Meredith. If you have never watched that show, you'll have to Google it because there is too much for me to explain here.

Basically, I've been thinking a lot about friendships, how they grow and change.

Do you have those friends that you live far away from, and you don't see very often, but you can call them up and start talking and it seems like no time has passed at all? Where you are completely comfortable sitting in silence with them? Yeah, those friends are the kind of friend that I think this woman was talking about.

It got me thinking about all my friends, and how little time we actually spend together. How we spend more time "catching up" than really living our friendships together. I HATE New Year's resolutions. I feel like they are ridiculous aweful promises that you know are going to be broken. So I'm not going to make a resolution, BUT I want to try to make a choice to see my friends more often. SO I had an idea and I need all your help - I want to create the Ultimate Friend To Do List. I want to make tons of weird, fun, creative memories this year. I want to have a freaking BLAST. I need all your ideas of places to go and things to do.

I don't know exactly how I want to do this, it kind of seems like something that could be really epic. Sooooo, for now get your thinking caps on, start your lists. I will figure out how to properly host this awesome event, maybe we should have some prizes or something? I'll get that sorted out by Monday and we'll kick this thing off right.


Sara said...

well this totally awesome friend thinks that you should come with me to Littleton on Sunday because Tadd is working and I need some things.... :)

Siobhan aka Kiwivandal said...

Im IN!