Friday, December 16, 2011

Four Heart Friday

What a busy week it has been around here, putting the finishing touches on a bunch of Christmas crafts, work, holiday concerts at school and tonight is the very first Drama Performance for Autumn! I could not be more excited about watching her in her first play. I have been waiting years for this day, I love that my girl is a drama / band geek. It makes my heart proud.

I know I jipped you all out of FHF last week, and I am sorry for that, but I have a shiny new line up for this week, I hope you like...

Something about this cameo from Shabby Apple makes me so happy. It makes me think of spring, and dresses and for some reason makes me want a really big salad and a walk. Who knew a necklace could be work out inspiration?

Dainty Squid's nail and hair tutorials are so awesome, I have really small nails right now (due to excessive biting and massive amounts of stress). SO the designs are perfect for me because they are simple and cute... also I think this idea on my 3YO would be so adorable I might scream. Now if only I could get her to sit still long enough to try it...

I'm feeling a little jealous of these fishies, my house isn't even this amazing. Once again Geekology has found the fun in fishtanks. Something which I find both soothing and cumbersome at the same time, could you imagine cleaning this thing?

I am so sporting my hair like this for the performance tonight, I HATE having my hair down, it gets so hot on my neck. I also hate having the same hair everyday, I'm hoping this will be a fun little twist and still stay far enough out of my way while I'm chasing after a 3 YO in a crowded auditorium. Thank you Beauty Department for your easy tutorial, I heart easy.

What are you hearting this week?

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