Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Story of Us: Part 2

Dear Santa,

32 years ago my life began.
27 years ago my brother was born.
26 years ago my sister was born.
13 years ago I met and fell in love with my husband.
12 years ago I became a mom.
3 years ago my youngest daughter was born.

I have counted these years in smiles and laughter, in tears and sorrow.
I have counted these years in jealousy and vanity, in selflessness and humility.

I am so lucky to have spent my life being loved.

For Christmas this year, I wish for all those who I have known, and those I will never know, to know love in some small way. To know family in some small way. To understand the years counted mean nothing without the moments lived in joy.

Love, Me

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