Monday, April 23, 2012

Event coordinator! Not wedding planner...

I have the worst time explaining to my friends what I do as the manager of a bed and breakfast that hosts weddings. I swear they all think I am a wedding planner and the only problem with that is that some of my brides do too!
The problem with that is that they all expect me to help them actually plan the wedding and as a venue coordinator I just don't have the time. How do you explain to someone that meeting and coordinating vendors at my venue does not translate into me helping you pick our dress?

Mood: tired and frustrated


Sara said...

Are you writing this because I called you a wedding coordinator??? I love you and yes you're a manager of a fantastic Bed and Breakfast and as one of your many vendors to your fantastic weddings. I do love when you send them my way ;) Don't be funstrated with your brides they cant't help it. Make them look at your damn bussiness card! lol. Love you by the way. See you tonight!

Suetopia said...

Even though it may not be your job, I'm sure you are good at it.