Saturday, September 26, 2009

Inspiring me right now...

The last bit of summer has definately gone, but the sun still shines even when it's only 50 degrees with a breeze. Autumn's smile in the sun.

Jeff and Lili caught on camera is sooooooo rare (Jeff hates his picture taken). AND they are SMILING! In the 11 years Jeff and I have been together I think I have about 20 pictures of him, no lie.

These 2 doing yard work, soooooo cute and funny. Now that we have a yard to work in we all found out how much work raking leaves really is. It's also really funny. Watching Lili and Autumn work together and enjoy the lazy afternoon (after all the work) is so peaceful to me. I love that my kids can get along and just BE without needing electronic devices to occupy themselves.

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