Friday, October 16, 2009


Ok, as promised I am finally getting to a new post!
I am not really the kind of person who believes is luck, I do however believe in Karma. So get this. Today while driving to work I saw the most amazing sky, so beautiful like nothing I've seen in a long long time, so I think "I really want to take a picture of that". I get to work soooo excited cuz I figure I can use the AWESOME Nikon the school owns to photograph the sky and I have to take pictures of the kids for school ID's today anyway so I'll get everything done at once. I get there 20 minutes early, grab the camera and head out the front door.. but before I can get across the road to take the kids pics (or the sky's), my foot gets caught and down I go. SERIOUS PAIN, loud cracking noise and a really bad sprain.
Now, most people would say (and did) "Bad luck", the road was just grated (it's a dirt road, yes they still exist) and very soft on the shoulder, and I hit it just right to twist my ankle in an extremely unnatural way and fell on my bum on the side of the road. Since I do not believe in luck I must assume that Karma is coming around on me... but what could I have possibly done to deserve this? My whole weekend off my feet? My whole next 2 weeks in agonizing pain? I racked my brain and could think of nothing! In fact this week I cleaned someone elses house without being asked, donated to a charity, worked overtime ON MY OWN TIME, and I offered to drive someone home who did not have a ride (not a stranger). So where did I go wrong?

So here I sit with my leg elevated, icing it every hour, waiting for something to tell me what kind of evil deed I have done to deserve the karmic backlash and still can't think of anything, so I call out to you cyberspace to answer me this: Was I truly just unlucky? Do I need to reassess my belief in luck and therefore unluckyness?

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