Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The clever comeback

Ok, so I have had a hell of a time getting ready for my comeback post! One thing after another these days… to begin I guess we’ll start with…

Back to School:

Autumn started 6th grade this year, it will be her first year of switching classrooms for subjects. So far she has been doing very well. She LOVES her Social Studies class and the teacher. She was accepted into Stage Band (yay!) which is a BIG deal at our school. You have to audition and everything. She plays the saxophone (tenor) and loves it. I’m secretly excited to have a band geek as I know it will be super exciting for her in high school and open so many doors for her to have a social group and take fun trips. She also decided to go back to dance classes this year after taking a 2 year hiatus and she is loving Modern dance classes with our local group Dance Express.

Lili getting older:

When Autumn was a little girl she never had the ‘terrible two’s’, she never really threw fits or disobeyed when you asked her to do something. She didn’t have the greatest manners but she did ask for things instead of the ‘gimmie’s. Lili is a whole different monster! I have never seen a child get so upset over nothing! OMG it’s like the exorcist child! Full out throw yourself on the floor crying fit everytime you say no to anything, its about enough to drive you crazy.

Busy Swapper:

Since the beginning of school is over and everyone has fallen into a pretty normal routine I’m back to swapping again. I just love getting fun goodies in the mail! If you have never tried Swap-bot you are missing out! See my profile here: http://www.swap-bot.com/user:kiwivandal. Sign up and get involved if you love fun J

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