Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leaves are the Devil

Funny thing about leaves, they don't seem to ever stop falling. At least not until snow flies, which I can feel coming soon. The wind is so crisp lately, it's time to break out the hoodies and fall jackets. Lili and I raked for what seemed like hours today, I love this tiny rake. Mostly she just un-rakes the piles I build up, but its still a hoot to see her scooting around. Wormy decided that he needed to help, and it was oddly helpful. Lili always seems more task oriented when Wormy wants to do something, she wants to do it too.
Autumn was out and about with Mema and Aunt Steph today so it was just Lili and I in the yard (Daddy had to work). I spent all day on Saturday cleaning inside since it was still so wet from the flooding on Friday. I was so glad to get out and do something today. I love the feeling of a clean house, but after 4 hours cleaning I felt like I wanted to abandon my home for a hotel room where the housekeepers can tidy for me.
I have also been very busy crafting this weekend! Anyone who reads my blog regularly (when there are posts that is), knows I belong to a website called Swap-Bot. I LOVE it, I love getting mail, I love creating with a purpose, and I love the feeling of opening up my profile on swap-bot to get a message from one of my swap partners saying how much they enjoyed what I sent them. Its extremely satisfying to know that I have brightened someones day. I usually sign up for swaps that involve crafting the item, or kids swaps that are low cost or can use recycled materials. I also make sure to recycle all my mailing supplies and occasionally make the mackaging out of cereal boxes.
Want to see what I have been up to? Here is the link to my flickr account: I would post the photos here but if any of my swap partners are reading this I dont want to spoil the surprise of what they might be getting. You hear that fellow swappers? If you look at my Flickr you might see your packages! Don't say I didn't warn you!
Anyhow, I made my very first set of cupcake toppers for the Thankful Cupcake Toppers Swap (in the Scraptopia Group), and a few ATC's for other swaps too.
Want to join the fun? click the link and come on over! Look me up my username is Kiwivandal, check out my group Scraptopia and leave me a comment on my profile!

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Ingrid said...

My backyard is full of leaves at the moment. Have only filled about five leaf bags thus far. My daughter helps for short stints of time, she would rather play and chase the dogs. Her prediction is 10 more bags. Will have to see if that will be enough.
Have fun raking.