Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Anatomy of a Cupcake Topper

This week while preparing my Thankful Cupcake Topper Swap (for swap-bot) I finally got some process pictures. This tiny 3 foot circular table is the AWESOMEST thing I own. I have to off-topic here and tell you the story of the table. 31 years ago, my mother was attending college at Lyndon State College in Lyndonville, VT. She was a poor college student living off campus with a roommate and her baby daughter (me). They had pretty much NOTHING in their place, but the bare essentials. Now my mom is very charismatic, and friendly. She makes friends with EVERYONE she meets, even janitors. So when LSC decided to re-do the student center the janitor thought about the young mother who had no kitchen table. He brought her this table form the student center. This table has been in my mother's house ever since. It has served many purposes, it has been loved by all three of her kids as play tables, it has melted crayons, sharpie, glue and gum on it. Thousands of snacks and crafts have been on this table. Now it is mine. I. LOVE. THIS. TABLE. Everyone in my family has offered to get me a 'proper table' and I have and will always refuse. I know you are thinking how the heck can you create in such a small space, and I wont lie it is sometimes very difficult, but I manage. Now on to the crafts...

Here's the messy part from top left: 1 finished topper, the sample; toothpicks, fave glue stick, regular tape, Moss Green cats eye ink, bling I didn't end up using, Fronts all stamped up waiting for pen accents, Gel Pen in pearl green from Staples.

Close up on the topper front and backs being sandwiched with the toothpicks. I love this paper! It's from Reminisce (from Michaels) I think (the package is missing I've had it a while). It's flocked and glittered and so yummy!

After I stamped and accented all the fronts I put pop dots on the back to adhere them to the prepared picks.

Close up of the fronts all stamped up with acrylic stamps (The leaf print is from Papertrey Ink, the sentiment was a random $1.00 stamp from the Michaels craft bin, great deal!) the card stock is the Kraft color from Papertrey Ink, this paper is such great quality. It's thick and easy to work with, the finish is smooth but holds ink well.
Here they are all done, getting ready to be packaged up in recycled brown paper (from another swap I received, I always recycle my swapping materials). Aren't they cute! They will look go scrumptious on top of pumpkin cupcakes with orange frosting and brown sprinkles, don't you think?!
And the closeup, all cute and fallish... I love how they turned out I hope my partner does too!


Marla Rae Morrison said...

Very cute! You did a great job! : )

Meep said...

Thanks! This was only my 3rd set, teh other 2 were not so great, this one came out sweet!

Jessica said...

These are great. Love the fall colors.

Meep said...

This paper was a one off I picked up, and it seemed perfect for this... watch for my post on teh Fun Fall Frippery swap I used teh same peper. I later though it would have made a great set. Unfortunatley tehy will be going to different folks.