Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Swaps Galore!

So for anyone who wants to know what swaps I am enjoying today, here is my swap list on swap-bot:

Scrap Me Mail #3

Fanciful Fun Fall Frippery: USA - The title along is worth a look, don't you agree?

BLOGGER followers - look for an odd post about this next week :)

KIDS MAKE ATCS TOO: FREE THEME - trade ATC's with my totally creative daughter!

Thankful Cupcake Toppers - See post Anatomy of a Cupcake Topper for more on this

Ninjas dont exist! - Shhhhhh...

If you dont 'bot' yet you should! Come on! Everyone's doing it, you know you want to! Join my swaps, and all the cool groups I belong to:

  • A Typically Cool ATC Group

  • Crafting Queens

  • Fun Children's Swaps

  • Geek Swap Central

  • Monthly ATC Swappers

  • Scraptopia - My group for all paper crafting fun!

    Jessica said...

    I love Swap-Bot. I'm in you BLOGGER followers Swap and can't wait for it to start.

    Meep said...

    I highly suggest swap-bot to everyone I know, it gives me a purpose for crafting, and my husband likes that the crafts dont just pile up in the house :)

    Coleen said...

    Woo Hoo! Love that top bag, it is gorgeous.