Monday, October 11, 2010

More Fall Themed Craftiness

Getting ready to craft it up!
- Coffeeeeeeeeeee
- Fave table
- Sewing machine
- Pretty fall colored papers
- Clutter from last project...

After I punched A MILLION scapped circles (these are about 15 other stacks not pictured here, christmas papers, wintery papers, halloween for decorating my office and more...)

Most of the papers I used were all double sided, the one's that didn't have 2 sides I cut double of and adhered them back to back so no matter which side shows they will look pretty

Finally, after stitching all the circles together and adding ribbon to the ends to use for hangers I added some green sparkly letters to the tag shapes to read 'Happy Fall'. After taking these pictures I decided that the tags were too large for the letters and they looked a little naked. I took my fave Staples brand gel pens and glittered them up with some really fun swirl doodles to finish them up.
This weekend I've been making paper garland. This set was for a swap on swap-bot Fanciful Fun Fall Frippery, sadly no one has signed up :(. It was a group swap for the Crafting Queens group, I'm thinking of changing it up and hosting it publicly. It's such a risk to host public swaps I hate to do it unless they are electronic, but it seems like I may have to broaden my horizons for this swap. Anyone want a beautiful set of Happy Fall garland?
I had such a great time making these, they were quick, easy and I am a huge fan of instant gradification :) I whipped up 5 other sets in different styles, I'm thinking of dropping them into my Etsy shop, I haven't had anything on the 'shelf' over there in a LONG time. If I end up posting anything over there I will be sure to let you all know.

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So cute, I love the garlands.
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