Monday, December 13, 2010

Time to catch up!


7 cups of coffee
70 miles driven
4 hours at work
1 hour in a BORING appointment
1 kid to dance class
1 kid to dr appt.
1 husband off to work
1 quicky pizza dinner
2 loads of laundry
1 viewing of Despicable Me (Loved it)
43 shovels of snow taken off the driveway
3 garbage cans taken to the curb
1 blog post
3 YouTube videos watched (Tobuscus put up new CUTE WIN FAIL!!)
2 tired feet, 1 tired back and hopefully an early bedtime tonight :)

Wishing you all peaceful nights sleep

1 comment:

Cpt Pownzor said...

that movie is great! but sounds like you had a busy day