Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Hardest Day

So far in the world of unemployment today has been the hardest day. Someone once told me that the 3rd day of anything is the hardest (dieting, quitting smoking etc...) and I realized today that a truer statement could not be made of my current predicament. I got up and didn't even bother to shower before taking Autumn to school, and as soon as I got back home I crawled right back into bed. By 9:30 I was staring at the ceiling trying to think of reasons to get up.

Finally around 10 I got up, took a shower, had some coffee and wondered where the morning went? After tootling around the internet, checking emails, posting more resumes and of course checking facebook I took a walk. It's FREEZING outside but I made it to the post office and back without getting hypothermia, no mail, sad...

Now as I sit here writing this I am so torn between missing the act of working and being productive, and wondering why am I not enjoying this more? Shouldn't I be happy to have time to see my beautiful children, spend more time with my husband, and get crafty? Why am I so sad? The answer is I DONT KNOW, but I am vowing right now to do everything I can to snap out of this!

I updated the shop and added these cute valentines:

And some pretty Thank You cards:

Autumn has been working pretty hard to get ready for her Winter Market this weekend, making bookmarks and other things. I will post some of her things in the shop and here after the weekend (whatever doesn't sell). If anyone is interested in supporting an 11 YO's dream to be an entrepreneur (how'd you like that guilt trip, lol!) In all seriousness, she is getting better every time she sits down to the craft table. She is developing a very good eye for color pallets and designing. I am so proud of her :)

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