Saturday, January 29, 2011

Here you go!

I got my very first email question the other day! Yay!

"What kind of adhesives do you prefer?"

The answer is: MANY, it all depends on the project. I use dry adhesive most often, right now my fave is Scotch dot roller, I never got into the ATG, and the old one I used to use is discontinued. These are affordable at 5.00 for the original pack and 4.00 for refills and they last a long time. I use it for card making and all paper projects, also ribbons and flowers.

For chipboard projects I use spray adhesive by Elmers for large areas and the Super Stick for smaller areas. It's a little messy, but it's really inexpensive and they both work amazingly well.

Glossy Accents is my go to wet glue for EVERYTHING, I also use matte accents and ZipDry. ZipDry can be hard to control and goes very quickly so it's definitely not my first choice. Stickles are also a great wet glue as well as an accent. I love an adhesive that does double duty :)

Finally for embossing I use the VersaMark watermark pad, it doesn't leave any colored residue like a glue pad can.

That's about it! SO what kind of adhesives do you use? Do you have any tricks for things like buttons and metal? (I use a glue gun, but it's not acid free :) Please let me know what you think!

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