Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Virtual Reality

So there were SOOOOO many pictures of this project I am trying something new, making collage sections to explain my process. I will also be offering custom albums on my Etsy shop.
From top left: I drew my template on scrap paper and then used tracing paper to get the image onto the chipboard. For this project I used Creative Imaginations medium weight chipboard for this project because I had to cut it by hand and I didn't want to hurt myself :) Next I used my awesome scissors to cut out the shapes from the cardstock and enough paper birds to cover both sides of the chipboard and create 4 inner pages that are double sided too. Using spray adhesive I added the paper to the cardstock, then I sanded all the edges.

For this prototype I used Basic Grey Lemonade line, BG paper is so thick it's perfect when you want to create mini album pages. Once I put the bird pages together (fronts and backs) I sewed up the edges to give it extra stability and make it super cute!
I find that when making mini albums they are more likely to stand the test of time when the holes are protected by eyelets, so I dug out the Crop-a-Dile. I LOVE THIS TOOL.

Once the basic bird was finished it was time to grab my journaling and photos. For this album I knew ahead of time that I would be using tweets and twitpics (I did have to fill in some photos from Facebook). The whole point was to add some of my virtual life into my real life. I copy and pasted some January Tweets and photos into a blank document and printed them out, being VERY careful to get the date and timestamp copied too! I wanted to track when the tweets were sent too.

Here are the inside pages, I added the tweets, and the pics (after inking them with the same pretty green as the album). I started to add embellishments and some hand journaling too. These photos are about 3/4 done, I was losing light so I wanted to get the photos done, I will update tomorrow with photos of the final embellishments (feathers!!!!!).

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