Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reviewing the stats getting ready for First Strike

Ok, so in a few short hours I will be downloading the first DLC content for Black Ops. I have had a love / hate relationship with this game, on one hand I love killing Zombies, on the other I hate the campaign. So I, like many of my friends skipped the campaign and unlocked the "Five Map" using the computer. "But Siobhan you lost an achievement!" Bah! Crap on achievements, I am a firm believer that gamerscore is crap. I don't play a ton of shitty games that I suck at to boost a score I don't care about. Want to hear some stats I do care about?

Right Now:
- I have 4 friends online (everyone else is sleeping and getting ready for the release in 4 hours ET)
- Kino rounds: 30 w/ 2
- Five rounds: 23 w /2
No I did not have to look those up, the leaderboards are burned in my brain
- I have 1 bag of M & M's and a case of Mountain Dew waiting to be opened when my DLC download
- 1 carpool rescheduled so I wouldn't have to leave the house to take the 11 YO to school
- 10 meals pre made so I don't have to leave my deck to feed my beautiful children
- 3 blog posts prewritten so I don't have to think about anything but ANNIHILATING ZOMBIES on Ascension for teh next 3 days.
PS we are getting 14 inches of snow tomorrow, and over the next three days it should be up to 20 inches. Could this have come at a better time? I think not. I feel a marathon coming on! Saddle up @RED SOCKS SUUCK, @HighlandxWarxGod, @Cl1ck Cl1ck, @Stylezs1313, @Darkstar Taimed, @BUDARESCH, @Beefstu2000 and @GetMyGun20 we are in for a bumpy ride :)

If you want to get in on a match with me @kiwivandal send me an invite, if you want to get in a match with those guys, you have to message them on XBOX LIVE using the gamertags above.

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