Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Why am I so in love with weddings? I have always been in love with wedding photos, arrangements, flowers, favors everything unique and fun and special that comes along with a big fancey wedding, a private pretty wedding or a rustic country wedding. EVEYTHING wedding facinates me... I need more wedding blogs to drool over, so come on readers, leave me your links in comment form to your fave wedding blogs so I can feed my guilty pleasure!

Here is my fave wedding blog of right now, pop over drool over some beauty and tell them I sent you. Nothing cool will happen, but I like to send people places :)

Click Me: The Loveliest Day


patricias fabric art said...

Did you look at my blog[I think maybe you did] I have 2 wedding dresses up that I made ,and you might like them!!

Meep said...

I did! I leerve them! Thanks :)