Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sarah Hurley's new Pirate Collection dropped today! Here's my DT card:

Go here to get your piratey goodness: SARAH HURLEY

Now I love all Sarah's images, but I really wanted to have my pirates on a big ship and the collection included a really cool island but not a ship. So I drew one to add on my card. As always, I start with tracing paper. I find that it's easier to get the image on my paper if I create it on tracing paper, it saves the step later on. Here's my ship in the beginning sketch stage.

I transfered the image to plain white cardstock and colored it with colored pencils and Sharpie markers. I wanted the wood to have a really grainy feel that you just can't get with markers. Then I cut it out with my baby Cutter Bee scissors and an exacto knife. Finally I added pop dots to adhere it to a sheet of Sarah's sky background paper.


Lisa Jane said...

what a fabulous scene . Love the ship
Lisa x

Meep said...

Thanks! I'm not real good with people, but objects I can do pretty well...