Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big changes on the way...

So I have been doing a ton of research today (since I am so sick and can't do much else). I have decided to redesign and relaunch this blog!

I want my blog to reflect more ME and less 'google template'.
I want you all to know about me, my life and my goals.
I want to be more organized (because I LOVE to organize, schedule and all that jazz).
I want to bring exciting information to you all on my favorite subjects from some talented people.

I want you to be engaged, enthralled and excited about my posts.

So look out blogverse, here I come :)


Maria Matter said...

sounds wonderful!
I've been thinking the same thing for my seems more like an advertisement billboard than a place that reflect me!
So, well said Siobhan!!

Siobhan Shufelt said...

Thanks Maria, I just couldn't sleep last night thinking about all the things I want this blog to be... so I posted my intentions t omake sure I follow through! You all have to keep me accountable!