Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day and Margarita Cupcakes

3 things you should know about me:

1. My favorite color is green
2. I'm 1/2 Irish
3. My second favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day (Halloween is #1)

also, ANY occasion to get my cupcake on is a great day in my book.

A few years ago, when Autumn (now 11 in 6th grade) started Kindergarten I fell in love with holidays. Any and all occasions to be 'the-cool-mom-who-bakes-and-decorated-awesomeness-for-the-whole-class' was a good day. She has decided that she is 'too-old-for-that-mom' so until my youngest starts school I have to find occasions to make and decorate fun cool stuff.

Insert family gatherings here. My momma (who lives just 4 miles away) is having a get together tonight for a few good friends and family. Since I am still taking pain meds for my ridiculous back issues I can't have a drink (not to mention the fact that my kids will be there and I am driving). So, I am making the best alternative I know of MARGARITA CUPCAKES!
If you want to make your own, the recipe I am using is HERE. I am also going to attempt some candied lime peels for a garnish, the recipe I am using is HERE.
Happy St. Patty's day! What are you doing to celebrate?

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